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We can help any company that needs precise, low-volume manufacturing & fabrication with a critical lead time. And we can help you with the project from the engineering to complete assembly and on-site installation.

Serving many industries world-wide, we work in Metric or Imperial, from very small to very large sizes: over 402” (10.2 m) x 64” (1.62 m) x 41.5” (1.05 m) for milling and Ø 38” (0.966 m) x 120” (3.05 m) long (turning). And we are capable of fabricating in many different materials, including carbon/alloy/tool steels, plastics, bronze and copper, and others.

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Since 1968, customers in the nuclear, aerospace, energy, automotive, and machine building industries have relied on Record Technology and Development to provide the absolute best possible fabrication services. We offer CWB-certified in-house welding for a wide range of materials including steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and dissimilar metals to CWB 47.1 and 47.2 standards, and with weld inspection as required. We also offer milling, turning, grinding, and painting, together with on-site installation, for complete end-to-end manufacturing. We turn your ideas and drawings into reality.

Precision components


High precision and large robot beams, carriages, and frames

Machine builders, infrastructure, and plant support

Forming and welding


Investing in cutting-edge technology, Record Technology’s diverse range of machinery affords us the capability of having the right equipment for any project. With decades of experience servicing and providing for the Aerospace, Nuclear, and Manufacturing industries, our expert machinists maintain the skills and know-how to deliver on your requirements.

CNC and convential milling centres

Milling work volume over 402” (10.2 m) x 64” (1.62 m) x 41.5” (1.05 m)

Turning work volume Ø 38” (Ø0.966 m) x 120” (3.05 m) long

Assembly, Installation and Commissioning

Record Technology excels in providing the highest of quality assemblies and machinery to a diverse range of industries including Aerospace and Nuclear. From the smallest of assemblies to the large complex assembly tooling, Record Technology has the experience undertake any project under one roof.

Utilizing our experience and latest technology to achieve the accuracy demanded, Record Technology can assemble in-house and install any project around the world. For large aerospace assembly tools, we have consistently built and maintained jigs and fixtures to repeatedly within .005” (.0254 mm), keeping our customers production in tolerance and worry free.

In-house assembly and testing

On-site installation and commissioning of tooling and machinery

Laser-assisted installation capable of within .001” (.025mm) tolerance

Electrical System Manufacturing and Integration

Customers today rely on ever-more sophisticated electrical systems to precisely and efficiently control increasingly complex machinery. Record Technology and Development has been building complex electrical systems for various organizations for many years, in the fields of aerospace, automotive, machine building, and energy. When organizations require machines of ultimate precision and reliability, they count on Record Technology to deliver both superior products and customer accountability. We strive to deliver designs that are affordable and reliable. Working directly with our customers and manufacturing teams, Record Technology ensures all design and manufacturing requirements are met. With our in-house design group, we can rapidly and efficiently complete major electrical system projects, from engineering verification to manufacturing, validation, and testing, and react rapidly to any required changes.

Complete Inspection, Testing, and Validation

Record Technology prides itself on top-quality fabrication, manufacturing, and design implementation work. We stand behind this ultra-high-quality work with world-class system inspection, testing and validation. Our highly-trained in-house technicians quickly inspect, test, and validate entire system designs, based on our customers’ specific industry or certification requirements. With everything under one roof, Record Technology’s internal communication is timely and highly accurate resulting in quicker turnaround time and better accuracy for our clients.


4 CNC + 6 Conventional Milling Centers

5 CNC Lathe + 1 Conventional Lathe

Boring Mills (1 CNC + 1 Conventional)

Floor Mills (3 CNC + 1 Conventional)

- Work volume over 402” (10.2 m) x 64” (1.62 m) x 41.5” (1.05 m)

- CNC controlled

Cylindrical and Surface Grinders


Work volume Ø 38” (Ø0.97 m) x 120” (3.05 m) long

CNC controlled

Laser Tracker

Portability for on-site inspections and installations

High precision and measuring volume – 230’ point-point with .0009” tolerance

Accurate reports